Jmary Lavalier Microphone MC-R1


* Plug & play support

* 3.5mm Interface

* 2M cable length

* Frequency response: 50Hz – 1600Hz

* Compatibility with Mobiles/Computers/Laptops/Tablets

* Used for: Music recording/Interview/VLogging etc.


A loop microphone is an indispensable thing for every blogger, podcaster and journalist. Its convenience lies in its portability, thanks to which the microphone can always be carried everywhere, and it will be at hand at the right time! This portable loop microphone is designed for smartphones, DSLRs, video cameras, laptops and many other compatible devices.

With this microphone, you will be guaranteed super sound, no matter what you record! This model is connected to the main device by means of a cable with a 3.5 mm mini jack connector. This microphone is suitable for a variety of tasks. He will prove himself perfectly when recording interviews, podcasts or during video shooting.

To start recording, you just need to connect the microphone with a cable to your smartphone or camera, without need to install any drivers or additional software. It comes with a clip to attach it to a shirt, t-shirt or sweater. The microphone has foam protection to block foreign voices, street noise and other unwanted sounds. 

Compatibility: smartphones, laptops, cameras, video cameras with compatible connector

Cable length: 2 m
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